HOUGHTON, Evelyn Ethel

Born on 9 11 1908 in Sagaing, Burma. Evelyn Ethel married William John Fletcher JARMAIN. William John Fletcher died in 6 1944.
They had the following children:
204 i. Mark Houghton (1936- )
205 ii. Joanna (1938- )

HOUGHTON, Maude Isobel (Isobel) 1905-1993

Daughter of Bernard HOUGHTON(Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. 23 Sep 1905 Moulmein, Burma
d. 11 Sep 1993 Blenheim, New Zealand
m. David Leyden BROWN, Dunedin, New Zealand 20 Jun 1926
Mother of David Hugh, Michael Leyden, Felicity Isabella.

She left England on board the S.S. Remuera on 18th. February, 1926. She died in Blenheim, New Zealand on 11 9 1993 when she was 87. On 20 6 1926 when Maude Isobel was 20, she married , in Dunedin, N.Z.

HOUGHTON, Hugh Sidney Playfair 1904 - 1985

Son of Bernard HOUGHTON(Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. 3 May 1904 Moulmein, Burma
d. Renwick, New Zealand 1985
Father of Julian and Peter

He arrived in New Zealand from the U.K in 1921 and completed his degree at Lincoln University. He then worked as farm manager at Glen’why station (high country South Island) before buying Ngarura in the 1930’s. He sold Ngararu in 1968 and moved to ‘Leyton’ near Renwick

HOUGHTON, Gladys May 1903-1988

Daughter of Bernard HOUGHTON (Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. 17 Mar 1903, Dublin
d. 31 Mar 1988, Wickham, Hampshire
m. Edward Allan CRICK, 10 Jan 1925
Mother of Timothy John, Robert Allan, James Bernard, and Waveney Jennifer.

Education: Diploma In Domestic Sciences (Hastings?) (1923). On 10 1 1925 when Gladys May was 21, she married Edward Allan CRICK Commander, R.N., son of Edward Herbert CRICK Major & Beatrice Pearson WALKER, in Hastings. Born on 4 7 1897 at 29, Montserrat Rd, Putney he died in Beaumont House, London W.1 on 14 11 1958 aged 61.

HOUGHTON, Aileen Millicent 1901-

Daughter of Bernard Houghton(Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. nnnn
d. nnnn
m. George Richard Seymour PENNEFEATHER
Mother of John and Noel
Sister of

HOUGHTON, Violet Edith

Daughter of Bernard HOUGHTON(Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. Dublin, 15th Oct 1898
d. Old Basing, Hampshire, 11th Sep 1989
m. POTTER, Sydney Leslie
Mother of Ann (1929), Prudence.

Author of "How I Grew Up".

MILES,John Marshall 1861-

Son of xxx (Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. nnnn
d. nnnn
m. Laura FREEMAN 1888
Father of Laura Gladys (1889), Helen Majorie (1890)

WARREN, Cyprian Alfred 1869-

Son of xxx (Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. 1869
d. nnnn
m. Annie Allinson GREEN 1893
Father of Geoffrey Cyprian (1895)

WARREN, John Willing 1859-

Son of xxx (Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. 1859
d. nnnn
m. Sophia Caroline CATTLEY 1887
Father of Marianne Houghton Sophia, Frederick Lewis Cattley, Peter Hyde, Sidney Robert, Francis Moberley, Ethel Maude.


Son of xxx (Father) and xxx (Mother)
b. nnnn
d. nnnn
m. nnnn
Father of George